How to Become a Sales Representative For Our Company

Did you always win the candy sales contests when you were in school? Do you have a knack for persuading and convincing people? Could you sell sand to someone living in a desert? A career selling could be right around the corner with Buy Human Hair Extensions.

If you are interested in becoming one of our sales rep and becoming apart of our winning team please fill in the questions below and the sales manager will contact you. You receive 35% in commission of each of your sales order

Do you consider yourself an Extravert (very social) or an Introvert (like to spend time alone)?

Do you mostly rely on Facts or your Imagination?

Do you consider yourself more of an Emotional or a Rational person?

Do you consider yourself Result or a Process oriented person?

Are you more comfortable with a Desk job (Stationary) or must you be always on the go (Mobile)?

In your ideal job, would you be able to work from home (Remote) or would your Presence be required?

When working on tasks do you prefer to stay highly Focused and feel some pressure or do you require a Relaxed environment to be productive?

Do you prefer to follow Established processes or do you thrive on constant Discovery?

Are you ok with Variable, unpredictable, potentially higher income or do you need a Fixed stable salary?